Hey there, I'm Faye.

I'm a writer, speaker, and Aroma Freedom Practitioner.  I'm a daughter of the One True King, wife of a sweet man, and a Momma who loves her boys dearly.  I love to laugh; and if you remember only one thing from visiting my site let it be ... ALWAYS choose Joy. 

I believe we are all wonderfully made and created to fulfill a specific purpose. I believe my past doesn't define my future. I believe in kindness always; but saying the hard things when needed. I believe there's great power in a sharing a warm cup of tea with a dear friend.

I believe in truth and freedom. 

I believe I can help you find freedom too.  Freedom from what's holding you back, freedom to dream big dreams, and freedom to know how to go after those dreams.

Are you ready?  Let's get started!