Recognizing that complete wellness is possible and finding ways to enhance my life and the life of my family is something I'm so excited to share!  It's a journey.  I've worked incredibly hard to become emotionally well - which, by the way, I believe is the key to becoming physically well; and I want to share what I've learned about the next step of being physically well, with as many people as will listen. 

     Physical wellness begins by supporting every system in our bodies with quality products that we use every single day.  I've learned practical, affordable ways to “self-care” so the need for health care is less.  Don't get me wrong - there is absolutely a time for Doctors, Nurses and Hospitals; but there is a lot we can do to reduce the frequency of those visits. 

     When you learn to stay above the wellness line, you’ll be living a life free of the dangerous toxins found in the hundreds of products used every day.  The answer isn’t as difficult as you may think.  Let's get together to chat, grab some friends and host an in-person class or contact me and ask for details on a email or Facebook class to view at your own convenience!  No matter what, you’ll have a great time, be educated on things maybe you weren't aware of, and leave with some fun samples!  Oh, and the really great thing ... there's no pressure or need to purchase ANYTHING!