Wellness 101:
Learn practical ways to stay above the wellness line by learning what is in the products that are typically used every day and are thought to be safe.   Learning what to look for on labels.  Practical tips and information on choosing to use products that support the various systems in your body.  Staying above the wellness line is easier than you might think and less expensive than you believe.  

Emotions - Out of Control and Nobody Knows
It’s easy to pretend that everything is fine and yet, when the word “fine” is used– it typically means the person is about as far away from fine as they can possibly be!  Let’s talk about what can be done to acknowledge, recognize, and finally put those emotions in a place that allows you to say you’re fine and really mean it!

Killing the Germs without Killing Yourself

Learning how to effectively clean my home without toxic fumes and harmful chemicals has been so much easier than what I thought it would be!  This class shows you how easy it is to switch out harmful, dangerous products and replace them with products that are actually good for you!

REALLY, There's no obligation!

The classes above are designed to encourage you to take steps to be more informed about the ingredients in the items you bring into your home, and those you and your family use every day.  

It's not a requirement to purchase anything to be able to host or participate in a class; you can also request access to view a class online in the privacy of your own home.  

As much as I would like you to join me on a wellness journey, my goal is to educate, whether you make a purchase or not. 

There's no difference - except the free stuff.

There's a good chance you purchase items online, from a large company that has thousands of products, that come from a warehouse.  That company is selling to you directly and, if you become a member of that company (join their exclusive, prime or elite membership), there are perks - things like two day shipping and other discounts.  Purchasing the products I'll be sharing with you, is done the same way.  You'll purchase directly from the company, and if you choose to become a member, you get the perks!  Oh, and membership is FREE!  It really is that simple.

I've found a company that has extremely high quality products, has tremendous integrity, and offers incredible discounts & incentives for those who choose to purchase.  

Before you run because you're afraid it's a Multi-Level Marketing/Direct Sales Company, I'd encourage you to realize a few things:  This is not an MLM of the past.  There is no need to spend hundreds of dollars to "buy in", you don't need to purchase a minimum order every month, and you can purchase the products without the discount if you choose - the discount is a perk.   BUT, if you choose to take advantage of the free membership, you can get free products based on what you purchase; and a bonus program that allows you to earn real dollars to spend on items of your choice!  

Have you already attended a class or gotten information?  Ready to "one stop shop" with your membership, get 24% off every order and even earn free products just for purchasing the stuff you need and use all the time?  If so, click the button below; and if not, email me so we can chat: 


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